I promise to sling-shot you on the most amazing, results-driven wellness adventure of your life.
— Christi Taylor

Ex Soccer Mom * Dog Lover * Dreamer * Smile’aholic 

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Hi Friends!  Please allow me to tell you a little something about myself. 

I'm really good at what I do.  My passion overflows for helping people climb out of their unhealthy pits.  However I'm kind of crazy at times, and can be a bit annoying.  I also tend to talk WAY too much!  Seriously!  I’m still a work in progress.

But, I also love people, cry at movies, risk my life to help an animal in danger, give my last dollar to someone in need, trust people until they give me reason NOT to, and crave good friendships.  The more the better!

Now allow me to tell you what I’m NOT good at.

I’m terrible at skiing, algebra, talking about someone I love without crying, drawing, keeping my bedroom clean, solving world peace, maintaining my car, and remembering to take out the trash.  Seriously!  If you are looking for help in any of these areas, you won’t want to hire me.

I’m SOMEWHAT good at singing, golf, organizing, remembering birthdays, Google, technology, and waiting in line.  But again, if you need help in these areas (though I would love to help you) i'm not the best person for the job!

Now for the good stuff!  I’m REALLY good at encouraging, cooking, making people laugh, listening, analyzing thoughts, dancing, choreography, training, public speaking, educating, writing, helping people get healthy and fit, communicating in a way that helps people understand what normally would be confusing, comprehending life’s challenges, creating strategies to learn, grow, and change, discerning life's issues, and pulling people out of emotional, relational, and spiritual pits!  If you ever need help in these areas, you SERIOUSLY need to hire me.  You would get 110% for your money, at the least!

OK, now for my accomplishments.  I've been around a long time, therefore I have done a lot of stuff.  It would take me FOREVER to write everything out, so I’ll just list what I’m most proud of.  Over the past 30 years I have........ (big inhale)……….

Go Flaunt it 7.JPG

~ trained more than 200 clients in nutrition, fitness, and overall weight management

~managed the fitness department for multiple health clubs

~ developed fitness programming for several major health club chains

~ instructed over 60,000 fitness classes – and counting

~ lectured and presented at over 300 fitness conferences in 5 countries

~ sat on the Program Directors board for the IDEA World Fitness Conference

~ starred in 32 home-fitness videos sold in major retail stores

~ directed, produced  and choreographed 50+ home-fitness videos

~ educated over 70,000 fitness professionals in 5 countries on a conference level for the American Council on Exercise

~ choreographed cheerleading routines, fitness routines, dance recitals, fitness videos, and more

~ written wellness articles for 6 influential magazines; both domestic and international

~ columnist for a health and fitness column in the city of Phoenix

~ guest radio speaker on the subjects of life’s issues, nutrition, exercise, and coping with loss

~ created and performed one of the most influential fitness instructor training programs in the USA

~ won an award from Health Magazine for “Best Cardio DVD”

~ honored by Better Homes & Gardens Magazine “Top Aerobic DVD”

~ honored by Fitness Magazine “Hot Video for 2003”

~ honored by Health Magazine “Best New DVD Buys.”

~ honored by Oxygen Magazine “5-star rating for Christi Taylor for Totally Hot Cardio”

~ honored by Oxygen Magazine “4-star rating for Christi Taylor for Totally Cool Step”

~ nominated "IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the year" (Didn't win!  It's the thought that counts! :-)


Wow!  Writing all of this made my life flash before my eyes!  I’m exhausted! 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my "about" page.  I'm honored! If you have any questions or concerns, i'm here for you!